Third time’s the charm is for Jo Koy as Netflix special airs on PH Independence Day

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Third time's the charm is for Jo Koy as Netflix special airs on PH Independence Day

Metro Manila — You, may, believe it or not, the idea of the Filipino-American comic Jo Koy is to do a stand-up-slash-variety that the show has been turned down several times by the streaming giant Netflix. He has finally received a go-signal which has to be pitched for doing some comedy with an added mix of travel, culture, and food which is expected to be the highlight of his Filipino heritage.

Jo Koy’s third special will stream worldwide for Netflix on June 12, the Philippines’ 122nd Independence Day. “Jo Koy: Is back in Elements” will be containing a variety-type show — a departure is set from the old standard of cut-to-cut edit of the comedian’s hour-long set. He has also invited his fellow Fil-Am talents who have been never been to the country to experience all things from Pinoy.

Third time’s the charm is for Jo Koy as Netflix special airs on PH Independence Day

Third time's the charm is for Jo Koy as Netflix special airs on PH Independence Day

“It was destined to Netflix be the one and has always been expected to not to me not just by three, four, five times. I’m not disrespecting towards Netflix by my words anyway, I’m glad that they have said no because as it has made me work harder than before. So that is why with this the third special I was like, I knew how hard it would be to get on it. Now that I am been delighted to have a little door open for myself, I’m going to bring some from Filipinos here with me — getting these other Filipinos is like going through the door and giving them an open chance once in a lifetime chance to shine on Netflix the way I have got to,” he said that in a video interview with the CNN Philippines.

Joseph Glenn Herbert — also known to the fans as the “Josep” — is born to a Filipino mother. As it has been based on the comic in the United States, he became one of the favorites of Filipinos through his shticks and what, not that includes about his moms’ obsession with the Vicks VapoRub and other Pinoy habits. But this time, he is expected to be taking his stand-up comedy directly to his Filipino fans and will be sharing it with the rest of the world.

“This is something that I’ve been always wanting to do since the beginning of my career and I am delighted to do so in my career. I’ve always wanted to do a special show in the Philippines where it was also variety driven… Everything was Filipino. The venue was Filipino, and the audience was Filipino. In between each segment, we get it to showcase something about the Philippines — whether it be riding a jeepney or eating some good food. Just highlighting our culture and our people was just not enough so to get the people will get to see what the Philippines it is all about,” he said.
From the US, he has brought with him a couple of dancer Ronnie Abaldonado a.k.a the Bboy Ronnie and few comedians Andrew Lopez, Joey Guila, and Andrew Orolfo. The crew went around Manila in January.

“The theme song is in the show is Tagalog. Cool enough right? You’re gonna have people from Middle America watching the special with Tagalog verses. That is so cool!” he has exclaimed.

“Jo Koy: In His Elements” will be available for the streaming in the Philippines at 3 p.m., from June 12.