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Good Girls: Season Four; Watch The NBC Cast Learn About The 2020-21 Renewal

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Good Girls Season Four; Watch The NBC Cast Learn About The 2020-21 Renewal

Channel: HBO.

Scenes: 48 (half-hour).

Seasons: Four.

Television program dates July 28, 2017 — present.

Arrangement status: Ending.

Entertainers Include

Hugo Armstrong, Davie-Blue, Melonie Diaz, Jay Duplass, Veronica Falcon, Adam Foster, Ellen Geer, Keir Gilchrist, Philip Baker Hall, Sarah Hay, Poorna Jagannathan, Orlando Jones, Ethan Kent, Gavin Kent, Amy Landecker, Konstantin Lavysh, Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris, Keta Meggett, Natalie Morgan, Ross Partridge, Karan Soni, Dendrite Taylor, Tony Todd, Will Tranfo, James Van Der Beek, Mae Whitman, and Nat Wolff.

Television Program Depiction:


A collection arrangement from Mark Duplass and his sibling Jay, who likewise acts in the program, the Room 104 TV show focuses on the proceeding with activity, in a solitary room in an American inn.

Every scene is much the same as a short, independent film and highlights a rotating cast. Despite the fact that accounts consistently happen in a similar chain in the room, the arrangement investigates various times just as classifications, including satire, ghastliness, and dramatization.

Storylines incorporate a sitter dealing with a typical kid, the encounters of a pizza conveyance individual, a lady looking for profound direction, a man suffering conjugal disagreement, and an older couple remembering their first night together.

HBO says Room 104 offers, “… .another revelation starting with multi-week then onto the next, telling stories of regular individuals taking a stab at association and importance.”

Arrangement Finale:

Scene #48

This scene has not publicized at this point.

First publicized: TBD

What do you think? Do you like Room 104 TV arrangement? Would it be a good idea for it to end or would it be advisable for it to have been restored for a fifth season on HBO?

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