Blue Fire: Release Date, Storyline? How’s Gameplay? And Everything A Fan Wants To Know?

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Blue Fire

Blue Fire: Updates, Games have certainly been a rescue for many in the pandemic situation. While we are all maintaining a social distancing game have definitely served us well.

Here we bring you all the latest deets about a new game that is anticipated to be on the market very soon. Blue Fire kickstarted from Nintendo and since then marveled at the 3D action platform

Santiago Rosa, Co-Lead at Robi Studios haven’t yet given us any insights about the game’s actual release date. Which has only escalated the anticipation of the game? Blue Fire is a colorful game with a cast of adorably creepy characters set in an expansive fantasy world. Here we will try and decode the recent details about the game’s exclusive release.

Blue Fire Release Date

Blue Fire,

Graffiti Games and Argentian game developer Robi Studios have announced Blue Fire as the first world premiere in the Nintendo Indie World March 2020 showcase. For now, we have no official release date. Although we are sure that the game will release sometime in the summers of 2020.

So You’ll be able to get your hands on this cool-looking game when it launches as a console exclusive on the Nintendo Switch sometime in Summer 2020. For more updates about the release date and console details, you should visit the on Robi Studios’ official website.

Blue Fire Storyline

Of course, this 3D platformer will continue the genre’s tradition with a boatload of cool collectibles for you to find. This is looking like the kind of thing fans of Banjo Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee will enjoy if you love those kinds of games, you’re going to want to keep your eyes on this latest release from Robi Studios.

Blue Fire is a colorful game as Umbra the main character in Blue Fire, is a fallen warrior of Penumbra that was reborn by the Black Shadow. As he will interact with other creatures while in the quest. He will be seen fighting alongside both uncorrupted creatures as well as shadow beings and spirits in search of self-empowerment to overcome harder obstacles as they appear.

For more updates about the game stay tuned with our website.

Blue Fire Gameplay

So Blue Fire uses unreal engine 4 giving us loads of flexibility on the game The witch portion has really changed the entire gameplay. It helps us massively in the smooth running of the Blue Fire. On switch, the Blue Fire is running without technical issues. Many aspects of the game have been changed for smooth functionality. We will give you more updates once it launched

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